Creating Simple Photo Frames in Photoshop

Learning how to frame my digital pictures is my newest interest besides photography! It is simply great fun and keeps me truly excited and absorb in my attempt to be creative! By nature, I’m resourceful and love challenges!

I became really interested in photography last June when I retired. Thus in November, I upgraded my Flickr photo sharing to a pro account so that I can post online as many photos as I wish, especially to keep a record of our tropical garden flowers/plants and share with the wonderful Flickr community. Then, visiting the photostream of some of my Flickr friends and seeing some of their stunning photos enhanced by lovely borders, inspired me to do the same with mine! Hehe…I don’t mind being called a copy cat! ;)

This showcase my first attempt at picture framing using Adobe Photoshop softwareDendrobium Deang Suree and many more subsequently emerged as can be seen in my Flickr photo sharing. I’d like to give credit to Doug Barber, a member of Nikon Digital Photography Forum who impressed me with his framing tutorial which I’ve printed and kept since January, 2004 and applied it in my first photo framing project in November, 2006. God bless you, Doug (whoever you are) for your generous effort!

Here’s the basic photo framing tutorial by Doug for those interested to know how to. I’ve noticed that all the images aren’t embedded there now, but not to worry he had presented his tutorial in pdf format!
Happy framing! :)

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