Garden updates from October to December, 2016

God knows how to keep my darling John and I happy always.
Blessing us with strength and passion in gardening!

These three months have be raining somewhat regularly and the plants just love it.
It helps us to reduce our water bill too… great huh!!

We’ll let our foliage plants and colourful flowers show off to their hearts content.

A collage of variegated foliage and flowering plants from October to December 2016

October to December: another collage of variegated foliage and flowering plants

Our frontyard forever pleasing us, captured on 1 December 2016..

Inner border at our frontyard

A regular garden visitor

A welcoming sunbird that's a regular visitor to our garden, shot on 22 November 2016

It just loves the nectar found in the flowers of the Red Button Ginger.

Enjoy please!!

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2 Responses to “Garden updates from October to December, 2016”

  1. yara Says:

    Your garden all beautiful as ever, adorned with exotic flowers and leaves that only the tropical climate makes possible. Thank you for showing.
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Dear Yara.
    Much thanks for your kind compliment. Yes, we’re fortunate to be gardening in the tropics with everlasting summers.
    Thank your for your Christmas wishes. We too would love to wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas, and wonderful bonding with your loved ones during this great season of joy.

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