Walking in our garden – November 2007

Lovely November morning in our frontyard garden Absolutely wonderful walking in our little garden paradise, being greeted with all the lushness and gorgeous colors splattered around! Every moment in and around our garden is pure bliss and joy. During such times, I’ll always consciously shut out the noisy traffic zooming past outside our frontyard and concentrate on the beauty our little spot has to offer within! This picture, taken in the lovely morning of November 5, 2007 with a wide angle view, speaks more than a thousand words of our garden’s health and treasures!

Frankly, tropical gardens do not change very much as compared with temperate gardens. Due to the almost constant weather of sunny and rainy days throughout the year, most tropical plants grow luxuriantly without much effort at all or even mature to flowering sizes with a wink of the eye so to speak. If at all, there’s a change in the garden, it is the whims of the gardener who dictates the change, according to the size of his pocket ($$$) and appetite for new plants!

Hooray! New plants for our garden, captured November 5, 2007!Hehe…our pockets are holey and ain’t full yet, but we made an excuse to get new plants having been starved for almost a year! So, on the first Sunday of this month, my beloved spouse and I visited nurseries along Sungai Buloh Road which was about an hour’s drive away! We spent almost half a day, sourcing for our new babies. Such excitement and joy bringing home new plants such as White Zephyr Lily, Portulaca grandiflora (a deep pink and a pink/white variety), 2 varieties of Coleus, Blue Daze, Bauhinia Kockiana, Croton, Mussaenda ‘Ashanti Blood’, Oxalis triangularis, Cat’s Whiskers, and 4 kinds of vines namely, Yellow Allamanda, Mandevilla sanderi ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’, Tristellateia australasiae (Shower of Gold Climber) and Cissus discolor with fantastic foliage. Nonetheless, it was unbelievable that we ended buying so many vines! How to support their climb and where to locate these! Now we are forced to put on our thinking cap? Sometimes we do get carried away, erratic shopping I mean! :D

Our shopping spree for these beauties was slightly marred though when in our excitement we accidentally took a wrong turn and lost our way home along the maze of new and unfamiliar highways and freeways! Believe me when I say that for 30 minutes our smiles turn to fear! We pulled over to a safe side, said a short prayer and voila…Jesus led us safely home! :) This was the second time we’ve lost our way home from Sungai Buloh. Hmm…will we ever return to those nurseries again….we’ll see? Time heals as it did previously!

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