Our garden star in May 2008

Rhododendron simsii (Indoor/Indian Azalea or Azalea indica) Rhododendron simsii (sym: Azalea indica) or better known commonly as Indoor Azalea, Indian Azalea or Chinese azalea/Indica, is definitely our garden STAR FOR THE MONTH OF MAY!

Just look at these fabulous blooms in these images taken in early May…aren’t they impressive? Simply love those large and rosy-red blossoms with ruffled petals! There were 4 of them, lasting for about 3 wonderful weeks. I’m amazed that such a dwarf plant (less than 8 inches tall) with fragile looking stems can bear such ‘gigantic’ flowers! :)

Rhododendron simsii (Indoor/Indian Azalea or Azalea indica) Our Azalea is a very small potted plant that was contented to be placed at our shaded courtyard, yet neither progressing forward nor backward for more than a year, until I relocated it to a sunny spot at our front yard recently. And, within a month, this seemingly hardy beauty rewarded me with such gorgeous blooms that far outweighed my procrastinated action. Its stunted growth meant something was not right, but I did not heed its complain! :(

As I joyfully delight in its beautiful flowers for almost a month, I felt ashamed and guilty of having neglected it. Thank God that it was not too late!

What a survivor and how generous and forgiving it was! And, what a stunner too! :D

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