Smiling Faces of Torenia fournieri (Wishbone Flower) in June 2007

Herein lies the many colorful faces of the Wishbone Flower that happily greet us, endlessly! They’re found growing everywhere and anywhere – in hanging pots, containers and flower beds, even on mossy bricks. Every nook and corner in our tropical garden, sharing and squeezing as long as there’s moisture and soil! Such happy faces that just need sunshine and rain, needing no vitamins at all!

9 colorful images of Torenia (Wishbone Flower)We started off with 4 varieties of Torenia Fournieri and now there are 9 varieties of various colors and shapes as seen in this collage of nine Torenia images! Isn’t that awesome? :D

Amazing and incredible, yet proven true – the insect pollinators must have been busy at work, overtime probably! And these annual flowering plants, also commonly known as Bluewings, are such great producers, self-seeding in abundance too! We just love them!

Updated July 23, 2007 – If you’re interested to know how this 9-photo collage was done, follow this link!

Updated Sept 4, 2007Collage of ToreniaWow! Another 3 more gorgeous faces were found greeting us in our garden last month, as pictured in this collage of 3 torenia photos blended together!

How interesting! :)

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