Vallaris glabra is selected as the state flower of Malacca in Malaysia

Vallaris glabra (Bread Flower, Kerak Nasi and Bunga Kesidang in Malay) Valliris glabra or Bread Flower is selected as the state flower of historical city of Malacca in Malaysia It produces very ornamental, highly scented, large, and bisexual flowers that are white and cup-shaped.

Passiflora singaporeana produces very attractive flowers that are yellow and tubular

Adenia macrophylla var. singaporeana (Large-leafed Adenia, Singapore Adenia) Large-leafed Adenia or Singapore Adenia is a beautiful vine with simple, ornamental and shiny red fruits. A monoecious plant that produces very attractive flowers that are yellow and tubular.

Solandra grandiflora produces fragrant and chalice-shaped flowers

Solandra grandiflora (Chalice Vine, Cup of Gold, Goldcup Vine, Golden Chalice Vine) Chalice Vine or Cup of Gold is a very captivating climber that produces ornamental, chalice-shaped and fragrant flowers. A free-flowering perennial vine that blooms year round. Fabulous when trained on pergolas and trellises with their huge and creamy yellow and golden flowers cascading […]

Vitis vinifera with grapes eaten fresh, processed to make vine and dried to produce raisins

Vitis vinifera (Common Grape Vine, Wine Grape, Purpleleaf Grape, Anggur in Malay) Common Grape Vine is economically important as a source of grapes, both for direct consumption of its sweet fruits and for fermentation to produce wine. Also, it can be dried to produce raisins that are popularly used in cakes, eaten as is or […]

Mucuna bennettii is a tropical climber with clusters of bright orange-red flowers

Mucuna bennettii (New Guinea Creeper, Scarlet Jade Vine, Red Jade Vine) New Guinea Creeper of Red Jade Vine is an exotic and magnificent tropical climber with amazing clusters of bright orange-red flowers. The colour of its chandelier-like clusters of blossoms is absolutely stunning and unique. Grow this beauty if you can provide space and a […]