Ricinus communis, our garden’s addition in January 2011

Yippee! We have a new plant(s) for our garden, added last month, free of charge! :) It is botanically known as Ricinus communis. Did a quick search and so happy to have nailed its ID. We chanced upon this beautiful shrub growing by the roadside in the neighbourhood and it was love at first sight! […]

Propagating Jatropha podagrica (Gout Plant) by seeds

Jatropha podagrica (Buddha Belly Plant or Gout Stick), a popular tropical herbaceous perennial belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family and native to Central America, is ever so generous! Not only does it produces flowers and seeds so readily, it self-sow as easily too without any fuss from seeds that are thrust far and wide when its […]

Propagating the Lipstick Palm (Cyrtostachys renda)

Cyrtostachys renda (Lipstick Palm, Red Sealing Wax Palm) is one of the most beautiful and striking clumping palm that’s admired by many. A must-have exotic palm specimen if you have the garden space! Last October, while taking photos of the Lipstick Palm trees that were growing in our church’s compound to include in our C. […]

Propagating Proiphys amboinensis from seeds is viable!

Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily, Northern Christmas Lily) really had us intrigued when it flowered for the first time last April after 7 years and sent me on a search mission for its correct ID.! An attractive foliage plant with large heart-shaped green-coloured leaves, embossed with lovely venation and will produce fabulous white blossoms unexpectedly to […]