Propagation of Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’

Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’ is a captivating cultivar that was hybridised and grown from tissue cultures in Thailand. Its large and rounded heart-shaped leaves are truly spectacular with pinkish purple colouration and beautiful bright pink venation. Recently our potted Aglaonema cv. Valentine at the courtyard was discarded as the plants were frequently attacked by the mealy bugs. Thus, we […]

Propagating Syngonium podophyllum by division and cuttings

Syngonium podophyllum or commonly known as Goosefoot Plant and Arrowhead Vine/Plant has beautiful variegated leaves that come in variable shades of green, white, cream, yellow and pink, as well as in various leaf shapes and sizes. It is an attractive, elegant and versatile plant that is  popularly cultivated worldwide. Mostly, as an indoor plant and used as […]

How to propagate Crepe Ginger (Cheilocostus speciosus)

Botanically known as Cheilocostus speciosus, the Crepe Ginger stands up to 3 meters tall and is a sight to behold, especially when grown en masse and flowering. The terminal stems will be beautifully adorned with inflorescences that display large, frilly and snowy-white flowers that flare out from the pinecone-like, reddish-brown bracts. Truly dramatic and attention-grabbing! […]

How to propagate Proiphys amboinensis (Cardwell Lily) by division

While flipping over the fabulously large and lustrous foliage of our potted Cardwell Lily out of curiosity, I discovered some plantlets growing beneath, hidden from view. How delightful as it gave me the opportunity to do something with them. You guessed right! …a chance to do a tutorial on how to propagate Proiphys amboinensis (botanical […]

How to propagate Anthuriums by division

The pink dwarf anthurium in a 5.5-inch (13.97cm) wide pot which was added to our tropical garden in September 2011 had outgrown its space and definitely need some attention from us. Hence I took the opportunity to do the needful, that is, dividing the whole clump into two sections and pot them separately as a […]