Maxi, our lovable pet and faithful companion!

For a change, we’ll start off the New Year 2010 with a post on our affectionate miniature pinscher, Maxi, whose lovable ways have never failed to uplift our spirits everyday! Like our garden plants and flowers, he provides us countless delights and pleasures, yet different from plants, in that we can interact and communicate with […]

Maxi, our adorable miniature pinscher

Today, 1st. October 2008, double celebrations fill the air in our home! Our darling Maxi is 4 years old and it is also our third wonderful years of loving companionship with him.

Our Backyard Garden

An area measuring 22 feet by 9 feet just outside our kitchen, entering and exiting through our back door. This is another gardening area at the back of our home that delights us very much, mainly because our lovable pet dog, Maxi, the resident king is here.