Lagerstroemia with irresistible crepe-like flowers

Lagerstroemia (Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle, Crepe Flower, Japanese/Indian Crape Myrtle) The Crape myrtle with frilly and crepe-like flowers of varying colours is simply spectacular and very irresistible. Plant this free-flowering beauty to colour and brighten your garden all year long. It will definitely be the envy of your neighbours!

Celosia argentea with bright colourful cultivars and varieties

Celosia argentea (Plumed Cockscomb, Silver Cock’s Comb, Woolflowers) Captivating Plumbed Cockscomb with flowers that resemble like those on the rooster’s comb! These bright colourful plants are one of the many favourite offered for sale during the Chinese New Year festivities. We too join in the bandwagon happily since they are rather cheap and come in a variety of […]

Antirrhinum majus, the cultivated garden snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus (Common/Garden Snapdragon) We came across these gorgeous beauties at one of the many nurseries along Sungai Buloh road less than two years ago. There were many plants with numerous colourful flowers that fascinated us so! Thus, we happily grabbed a pot of light pink-coloured garden snapdragon that cost us RM8.90 without hesitation. This garden plant is commonly […]

Dianthus species and hybrids are astoundingly colourful!

Dianthus species and hybrids (Carnation, Pink, Sweet William), Nov 3 2013 We came across these astoundingly colourful beauties sometime in November 2013 and were instantaneously charmed by them. There were several potted plants with many striking colours that it was somewhat difficult to nail our selection. Hence, we carefully chose colours that were rarely seen in our small garden. One […]

Spathoglottis plicata with showy long-lasting blooms

Spathoglottis plicata (Ground Orchid) We had planted these charming Ground Orchids in pots before where they bloom all year round. Happened to come across some potted plants at a garden nursery in our neighbourhood about five months ago. However, we were somewhat disappointed as none of them had any flowering spikes to enable us to make a […]