Tigridia pavonia is very popular as an ornamental plant among lovers of interesting flowers

Tigridia pavonia (Mexican Shell flower, Tiger Flower, Jockey’s Cap Lily, Peacock Flower, Tiger Iris/Flower) It is very popular as an ornamental plant among lovers of interesting flowers. Its large flared-flowers are vividly coloured and come in two-tone combinations pairing white, pink, red, orchid yellow or orange with contrasting spots.

Averrhoa carambola produces edible fruits that are crunchy, firm and extremely juicy

Averrhoa carambola (Star Fruit, Starfruit Carambola, Caramba, Country Gooseberry, Belimbing Manis in Malay) The flesh of Averrhoa carambola or Country Gooseberry is crunchy, firm and extremely juicy. Starfruit does not contain fibers and has a texture similar in consistency to that of grapes and usually eaten as is. Fresh fruits may be used in cooking and […]

Dahlia imperialis with dramatic and colourful blooms

Dahlia imperialis (Tree Dahlia, Bell Tree Dahlia, Imperial/Giant Dahlia) This magnificent and dramatic Bell Tree Dahlia is truly a traffic stopper! Absolutely wonderful to add this gorgeous Imperial Dahlia to your garden as it exhibits its captivating and colourful blooms. Dahlia is the official flower for the City of San Francisco in California and the […]

Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ with captivating lavender flowers

Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ (Pigeon Berry, Golden Dewdrop, Skyflower) Duranta erecta ‘Geisha Girl’ or Skyflower is hardier and not as weedy as the other species. Since it is easily propagated via stem cuttings, it’ll be wonderful to present gifts to neighbours and friends. This beautiful plant has been identified as an environmental weed in Australia, […]

Lagerstroemia with irresistible crepe-like flowers

Lagerstroemia (Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle, Crepe Flower, Japanese/Indian Crape Myrtle) The Crape myrtle with frilly and crepe-like flowers of varying colours is simply spectacular and very irresistible. Plant this free-flowering beauty to colour and brighten your garden all year long. It will definitely be the envy of your neighbours!