Harmonia axyridis in beautiful colours and randomly spotted

Harmonia axyridis (Asian Lady Beetle, Harlequin, Multicoloured Asian Beetle) Harmonia axyridis is a typical coccinellid beetle in shape and structure, being domed and having a smooth transition between its wing coverings, pronotum and head. It ranges from 5.5-8.5 mm in size. The common colour form is orange or red in colouration with 0-22 black spots of variable […]

Asota heliconia came a visiting inside our home!

Asota heliconia (Aganaid Moth, Tropical Tiger Moth) John and I always get so excited when we noticed a moth or butterfly inside our home or outside at our front yard. Recently, a gorgeous looking moth came a visiting inside our home and especially delighted me so. I was dancing with joy and amazement, so to […]

Our garden joy from July to August 2013 – Part 1

Happenings in our tropical garden continue to intrigue us during the last two months of July and August. To some people, these may seem so ordinary that need no mention, yet to my beloved John and I, they are treasures to behold! Wonders of nature that have somewhat become our daily dose of joy to […]

January 2013: an Oleander Hawkmoth dived into our courtyard garden!

It is always a much welcome sight for sore eyes whenever we see familiar faces in our tropical garden. These garden critters come and go. But when one had been missing in action for months or years on end, and suddenly decides to reappear without warning, it’s truly a great joy indeed! One recent happening […]

An exciting adventure with Olene mendosa (Brown Tussock Moth)

Olene mendosa (Brown Tussock Moth) Usually I have a creepy feeling looking at caterpillars but somehow this particular one had me transfixed. Spread-out lengthwise on the leaf surface, it looked so sweet and cute with those black eye-like structures, somewhat resembling the face of a mischievous child caught stealing fruits at someone’s backyard. I was […]