New Apple Toys for 2014!

Woo-hoo! Two new Apple toys to start the year with… we couldn’t be happier! These were purchased during a one day only Apple Online Store Sale on January 10th. iMac 21.5-inch was delivered on January 15th, while iPad Air six days later. These new toys truly rock and kept us glued to our seats in […]

Disastrous Thunderbolt!

Aaargh! Our computer was kaput for about two and a half weeks! How frustrating! It happened around 8.15 pm on March 27 during a heavy downpour and thunderstorm. Without warning, a thunderbolt hit our home and tripped the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) causing total darkness. John switched it back and electricity resumed.

Our latest toy, the iMac really rocks!

Yippee! We have joined the bandwagon of Mac users! Made an unexpected switch from PC Windows platform to Macintosh, less than 2 months ago and loving every moment with it. :D The beautiful iMac 20-inch aluminium is absolutely impressive, inside and out! Terribly glad that we followed our elder son, David to Machines, Malaysia’s largest […]