Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema) hybrids in diverse forms and colours

Chrysanthemum hybrids (Mums, Chrysanths) In the blink of an eye, it’ll be Christmastime and will be followed closely by the Chinese Lunar Year in January 2012! Hence, Florist’s Chrysanthemum and the brilliant red Poinsetta (Euphorbia pulcherrima), besides other popular holiday plants, are being displayed on a grand scale at garden centers and stores. Festive seasons […]

Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea), a striking and versatile vine!

Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea, Blue Pea Vine, Asian Pigeonwings) Clitoria ternatea is another of the many captivating twining climbers that are popularly used for covering the fence or train on a trellis, arbor or archway. A perennial vine that is free flowering all year round, with an abundance of attractive deep blue blossoms dotting its […]

Cheilocostus speciosus (Costus speciosus) with crepe-like flowers

Cheilocostus speciosus; syn: Costus speciosus (Spiral Ginger, Crepe Ginger, White costus, Cane Reed) Free-flowering Cheilocostus speciosus (its current accepted name) is one of the most attractive and well-known cultivated species of the genus Cheilocostus. A lovely clustering plant with tall reed-like stems that are topped with large snowy-white and crepe-textured flowers on terminal cones. These […]

Our tropical garden happenings in June 2011

Yippee… a newly purchased plant for our garden in June 2011! Aglaonema cv. Legacy¬†(a Thai hybrid) We got this beauty for only RM20! A very good bargain indeed as there were 4 plants in the pot. Had they been separately potted, each would had been sold at RM10 per plant or more. I love surprises! […]

May 2011: delights in our kitchen garden

Our kitchen garden is situated at our backyard, just behind our kitchen for easy access. In reality, it’s just a small-scale project within a humble space, mainly to serve our kitchen needs. Previously, we’ve grown a mix of sorts that included a couple of fruit trees in containers, some herbs and occasional attempts at vegetable […]