Lavandula with captivating and aromatic blossoms

Lavandula (Lavender) Lavender is a charming and versatile flowering plant with endless uses. An amazing and aromatic plant that is popularly grown around the globe by gardeners. This beauty is also a favourite among the horticulturists. Its intensely scented flowers, when cut and dried are treasured for making potpourri. It is also used to make fragrant sachets to perfume […]

Capsicum frutescens cv. Bird’s Eye is super pungent!

Capsicum frutescens cv. Bird’s Eye (Chilli Padi, Bird Chilli, Bird’s Eye, Tabasco Pepper, Red/Bird Pepper, Thai Chili) This Bird’s Eye Chilli is super pungent. We love growing them at our backyard in order to provide us with a continuous supply for our various dishes. Best of all, the pods are pesticide-free  and great for our […]

Thai Basil, the king of herbs is edible with many culinary uses

Thai Basil (Anise/Licorice/Cinnamon Basil) Best to grow one’s own herbs because we’ll ensure that they are pesticide-free for our good health. We have been planting Thai Basil or Anise Basil for several years in a pot at our  backyard where most of our herbs such as the Mentha spicata, Pandanus amaryllifolius and Murrays koenigii or Curry Leaf […]

Mentha spicata has many culinary users and health benefits

Mentha spicata (Garden/Common Mint, Spearmint, English Mint) We just love the smell of Mint leaves. Growing one’s own herbs is great as you’ll ensure that they are free of pesticides for good health. We have been planting Common Mint for several years in a pot at our kitchen garden at the backyard. Moreover, it’s so easy to plant them. […]

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass) with distinctive lemony aroma

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass, Lemongrass, Barbed Wire Grass, Citronella Grass) We’ve planted this much-favoured Lemon Grass (or ‘Serai’ in Malay) plant for decades. Just love the distinctive lemony aroma and unique flavour when added to our home-cooked dishes (check out my recipe on Malacca Portuguese Devil Curry that uses Lemongrass, if you’re interested). Many other […]