How to revive an ailing Variegated Crinum Lily?

We were overwhelmed with joy when an eye-catching Variegated Crinum Lily joined our garden party at the beginning of July 2013. However, it didn’t cross our mind at all that our joy at seeing its beautiful presence at our courtyard would be short-lived! Just three months down the road and it had lost its lushness. […]

Yay… our Alocasia sanderiana (Kris Plant) has resurrected!

Alocasia sanderiana, commonly known as Kris Plant, are beautiful variegated plants that we enjoy having at our courtyard. It blends well with other companion plants and shines outstandingly with its deep green foliage that are distinctly accentuated with whitish or pale green veins in wonderful contrast. Unfortunately, about two months ago, our pot of healthy […]

October 2011 in our tropical garden

Orchids and Celosia Shopping for orchid plants had never been that quick and easy for us before this! We got some last month, not from the garden nurseries where one would usually procure them but from the church that we usually attend, after the Eucharistic Mass Celebration. Strange, huh? Well, the Church of St Francis […]