Plant Photo/Image Galleries & Lots More Info

All the beauty and divine art of flowers, plants and nature abounding everywhere always amazes and fascinates me so! Thus, listed here are several sites containing awesome plant photos that’ll delight your eyes and heart, and some sites even provide further plant information and assistance in plant ID.

Plant Encyclopedia

I’ve found many excellent resources and websites on plant encyclopedia and have listed them below. Online Plant Search and Dictionary of Plant Names – This site provides a free online plant encyclopedia that’s complete with over 4,000 plants with detailed plant profile and more than 10,000 plant photographs. Also includes a free online garden plant […]

Garden Blogs & Websites

Compiled here are links to other interesting blogs and websites maintained by individuals with a passion for their gardening hobby. WORLDWIDE, where garden blogs bloom – An absolutely enormous, bubbling and vibrant community of garden bloggers from all around the world, sharing their gardening passion in their neck of the woods. A must visit […]

Horticulture Sites

Horticultural sites is a must to visit for any serious gardener or beginner! We’ve found many excellent resources and websites on horticulture and have listed them below. Royal Horticultural Society, UK – This awesome horti website of the RHS, whose goal is to advance excellence in horticulture and promote gardening is THE place to explore […]

Gardening Tools & Equipment

Collected here are links to suppliers of gardening tools and equipment, and also related tips, tricks, recommendations and reviews., a Gardener’s Supply Company in Vermont, United States – This is an online / walk-in garden store for all gardening tools, equipment and supplies that are garden-tested and earth-friendly. Offering everything from organic pest controls, […]