Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, a yellow mushroom sprouting in flowerpots

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii (Flowerpot Parasol, Plantpot Dapperling, Yellow Pleated Parasol, Yellow Houseplant Mushroom, Lemon-yellow Lepiota) We were absolutely fascinated and delighted when we first saw the Flowerpot Parasol in August 2013. This pale yellowish and fleshy¬†mushroom was sharing space with Dracaena marginata in our flower pot We assumed that the potted soil must have been overly […]

Our garden joy from July to August 2013 – Part 1

Happenings in our tropical garden continue to intrigue us during the last two months of July and August. To some people, these may seem so ordinary that need no mention, yet to my beloved John and I, they are treasures to behold! Wonders of nature that have somewhat become our daily dose of joy to […]