Cornus florida is the state tree of Virginia and state flower of North Carolina

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood, White Dogwood Tree) It is the state tree of Virginia and state flower of North Carolina. Flowering Dogwood has lovely flowers in spring, attractive foliage  in summer and fall as well as colourful fruits in fall. Native Americans used it as a treatment for malaria.

Diospyros kaki produces sweet and tasty edible orange fruits

Diospyros kaki (Asian Persimmon, Japanese Persimmon, Oriental Persimmon, Buah Pisang Kaki in Malay) Chinese White Radish or Giant White Radish is primarily grown for its large, succulent and edible root vegetable. Turnip cake made with Chinese white radish is a traditional Lunar New Year dish. Growing wild, they are regarded as invasive species in many regions.

Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ produces edible bright blue berries

Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ (Red Back Australian Ginger, Blue Ginger, Native Ginger) Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ or Red Back Australian Ginger is a beautiful ornamental plant with bright blue berries. The edible blue berries may be picked and eaten straight off the stem. It is a versatile plant that is traditionally used by the Aboriginal […]

Synsepalum dulcificum contains miraculin that when eaten, makes sour or bitter food taste sweet

Synsepalum dulcificum (Miracle Fruit, Miracle Berry, Miraculous Berry, Flavour/Sweet Berry Miracle Fruit or Miraculous Berry is highly prized by chefs who delve in molecular gastronomy. Its vibrant red fruits contain miraculin, a taste-modifying, protein-based molecule that when eaten, almost miraculously changes the taste of sour or bitter food to taste as sweet as sugar. The […]

Manilkara zapota produces fruits that contain medicinal properties

Manilkara zapota (Sapodilla, Sapote, Naseberry, Chicle Gum, Chiku in Malay) Sapodilla or Chicle Gum is cultivated for its sweet, juicy and fleshy fruits It is very popular in Southeast Asia. Grow this beauty if you wish to have a constant supply of its sweet fruits that have numerous health benefits.