Cibotium barometz is a fern with rhizomes densely covered by golden-brown hairs

Cibotium barometz (Golden Chicken Fern, Scythian Lamb, Woolly Fern, Golden Moss, Bulu Pusi in Malay) Golden Chicken Fern or Woolly Fern is unique and exotic as its rhizomes are thick, fleshy and densely covered by golden-brown hairs. These ferns are found growing wild in wet and shady ravines, on hillsides and in mountainous regions.

Lygodium japonicum produces countless sporangia readily

Lygodium japonicum (Japanese Climbing Fern, Climbing Fern, Vine-like Fern) The Japanese Climbing Fern or Vine-like Fern sprouts easily via spores. Also, it spreads vegetatively via underground rhizomes. It has been reported as an invasive plant by USDA in southern Alabama and Florida and is known to overgrow existing vegetation.

Adiantum trapeziforme with graceful cascading fronds

Adiantum trapeziforme (Giant/Diamond Maidenhair, Trapezoidal Maidenhair) These fabulous ferns are seen frequently in hanging baskets or container-grown in many residences that favour growing ferns. Ferns are unbeatable for an elegant display of the finest foliage! Unfortunately, we hadn’t the chance to grow this particular Diamond Maidenhair as they are not sold in nurseries that we frequent […]

Pteris multifida, an interesting fern with dimorphic fronds

Pteris multifida A regular and interesting sight in our garden! We love them as they seem to be sprouting freely along the crevices of rocks and bricks, covering empty spaces at the inner border of our garden. A most welcomed volunteer plant that’s happy being a part of our garden treasures. We are most delighted too to […]

Nephrolepis falcata with lovely fishtail pinnae tips

Nephrolepis falcata cv. furcans (Fishtail Fern, Fishtail Swordfern) Ferns are must-have for our tropical garden, otherwise it appears incomplete! We simply adore these elegant ornamental greens!