Garden updates from July to September 2015

Yay! Our tropical garden never disappoints and smiles always! What a wonderful life, living and gardening in tropical Malaysia with everlasting summers. God’s divine creations and masterpieces are awesome and amazing! Indeed, we’re truly blessed… there’s so much to admire, marvel and be impressed.

Asota heliconia came a visiting inside our home!

Asota heliconia (Aganaid Moth, Tropical Tiger Moth) John and I always get so excited when we noticed a moth or butterfly inside our home or outside at our front yard. Recently, a gorgeous looking moth came a visiting inside our home and especially delighted me so. I was dancing with joy and amazement, so to […]

Garden Updates from May to July 2014

We praise and thank The Almighty God for the joy of His awesome creations almost at our doorstep. Just a few short strides through the front exit/entry door of our home and we step into our little garden paradise. Or just draw the sliding glass-door curtains of our sitting hall and voila… a beautiful view that absolutely enthral us […]

February 2013: critters and flowers in our tropical garden

Definitely easier to capture shots of plants/flowers than flying insects and creeping reptiles, right? Flowers are so well-behaved, like inanimate objects for still life painting, unless swayed by the wind. And, one can always choose to photograph them later when the wind subsides. Not the flying insects though. The fluttering butterflies, bees and others just […]

January 2013: an Oleander Hawkmoth dived into our courtyard garden!

It is always a much welcome sight for sore eyes whenever we see familiar faces in our tropical garden. These garden critters come and go. But when one had been missing in action for months or years on end, and suddenly decides to reappear without warning, it’s truly a great joy indeed! One recent happening […]