Cryptanthus bivittatus, a fascinating star-shaped bromeliad

Cryptanthus bivittatus (Earth Star, Starfish Plant) This attractive cultivar ‘Ruby’ of the species C. bivittatus as pictured on the right, were just tiny tots in a 3-inch plastic pot when they joined our garden family in early 2006. Their unique star-like shape that resembles a starfish and the fabulous stripy colors of their variegated foliage […]

Impressive inflorescence of Guzmania lingulata var. minor

Guzmania lingulata var. minor (Orange/Scarlet Star) This image was captured in December, 2005 showcasing the impressive blooms of Guzmania lingulata var. minor, grown in our garden border. I just love seeing their strikingly beautiful orange-scarlet bracts sitting atop their rosette of fresh-green leaves. We started with a pot of three young plants, presented to us […]