Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ produces edible bright blue berries

Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ (Red Back Australian Ginger, Blue Ginger, Native Ginger) Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton Ginger’ or Red Back Australian Ginger is a beautiful ornamental plant with bright blue berries. The edible blue berries may be picked and eaten straight off the stem. It is a versatile plant that is traditionally used by the Aboriginal […]

Dianella ensifolia produces attractive flowers and shiny deep blue fruits

Dianella ensifolia (Umbrella Dracaena, Flax Lily, Common Dianella, Sword-leaf Dracaena, Cerulean Flax-lily, Siak-Siak in Malay) Umbrella Dracaena or Flax Lily is a free-flowering perennial herb that blooms all year round. This beautiful plant that produces attractive flowers and shiny deep blue fruits is considered poisonous in China and cattle are said to die from eating […]

Ipomoea indica with spectacular and vibrant blue flowers

Ipomoea indica (Morning Glory, Blue Morning Glory, Oceanblue Morning Glory, Blue Dawn Flower) Ipomoea indica or Blue Morning Glory will be a great addition to your garden. You can plant it over your trellis or allow it to climb over a tree to show off its captivating blooms. It is an ever-blooming vine that will brighten […]

Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripe’ with matchstick-like blue flower tips

Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripe’ (Variegated Matchstick Plant/Bromeliad) Recently, we spent a short vacation with a gang of 7 retirees at Cameron Highlands. As usual, one of our favourite visits was to Cactus Point where we could feast our eyes on the numerous plants on display. My beloved John was cautious about buying plants from Cameron Highlands […]

Admiring our garden from January to March 2016

Our tropical garden is marvellously exciting to look at… at least to us anyway! (“wink”) It never fails to cheer us as we walk around leisurely in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, mesmerised by the sheer beauty that abound and at the same time being always grateful and thankful to God for His awesome creations […]