Geranium flowers in various beautiful colours

Geranium (Cranesbills, Geranium) Geraniums are a hot favourite plant for many home gardeners. They are so easy to grow and produce various colourful blossoms. Fill your garden with their bright and beautiful flowers to add colour and interest. Truly, Cranesbills will never fail to delight you!

Hoya that blossoms in numerous captivating bicolours!

Hoya (Wax Plant, Waxvine, Waxflower, Porcelain Flower) An enduring vine or creeper, Hoya is floriferous. Our first sight of these gorgeously flowering vine was in November 2011 at our neighbourhood, in a plastic hanging pot. Next sight was at the Lavender Garden when we holidayed in Cameron Highlands early this year, in February 2016. It was grown […]

Canna cultivars in showy and diverse colours

Canna (Canna Lily) A Canna cultivar that had us smitten when we visited a garden nursery in our neighbourhood. That was seen almost ten years ago. We grabbed a pot that was showing a budding Canna. Did not know how its whole blossom would be like, though anticipating that it would be strikingly beautiful. We just […]