Our garden joy from July to August 2013 – Part 1

Happenings in our tropical garden continue to intrigue us during the last two months of July and August. To some people, these may seem so ordinary that need no mention, yet to my beloved John and I, they are treasures to behold! Wonders of nature that have somewhat become our daily dose of joy to […]

Tropical Potter Wasp or Mason Wasp (Eumeninae)

Our tropical garden visitors are interestingly beautiful and a delight to watch, to me anyway! There are many fantastic bugs and insects found loitering at our front yard when I seek them out, especially to photograph their details which is visibly unseen with my naked eye. Somehow their amazing forms and patterns stand out in […]

Insect Pollinators (butterflies and bees) invading our garden!

Yippee! Helpful bugs and insects – come and swarm our garden, you’re most welcome! Garden pests – be gone! You’re not at all welcomed! I can’t get enough of these lovely creatures visiting our garden, especially our Malaysian butterflies and bees! Here’s sharing some wonderful captures of our garden visitors! Enjoy! :D