Crinum asiaticum (Grand Crinum Lily), an impressively huge plant

Crinum asiaticum (Giant/Grand Crinum Lily, Asiatic Poison Bulb/Lily, Seashore Lily) An impressively huge lily with large leaves and large clusters of big blooms. Hence, not surprising that Crinum asiaticum goes by the common names, Giant Lily or Grand Lily that aptly describes its spectacular appearance. Hmm… everything seems gigantic! Even its bulbs underground may weigh […]

Cyperus involucratus (Umbrella Plant/Sedge), an ornamental waterside plant

Cyperus involucratus (Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Sedge/Flatsedge) These Umbrella Plants are really beautiful and attractive as the involucral bracts are symmetrically arranged in an umbrella formation and held atop elegant stems that sway with the breeze, giving a tropical touch to the landscape! We’re smittened by their beauty! Our fascination with this plant started as early […]