Increase in site’s traffic and earnings!

Another Easter Season joy! We’re overwhelmed!

Hehe…not flowers this time but money literally raining down from heaven! ;)
This is the first time ever that our adsense had peaked above US$60 per month, almost double the average monthly earning since last July. Even, traffic to our website has increased almost twofold.

It may seem like peanuts to some people but for us, it is awesome! We’re humbled, uplifted and extremely encouraged! There’s a Malay idiom that says, ‘sikit sikit, lama lama, menjadi bukit’, meaning ‘little by little, eventually becomes a hill’.

It is a big leap from our humble beginnings as shared here, more than a year ago! :D

Thank you all so much, our valued visitors and friends! We’re grateful and appreciative. That includes you too, Google Inc! And, last but not least, praises and thanks to our everloving God who will grant our heart’s desire, if we but trust in Him, do good and seek our happiness in Him. (Psalm 37:3-4)

We look forward to provide better content material in our website and hope no visitor leaves unsatisfied!

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