Posing in our tropical garden

We’ve captured so many pictures of our garden, yet have not taken a single photo of ourselves for a very, very long time amongst our lovely plants and flowers that we’ve cared for so tenderly and lovingly. Pretty strange, huh? Or are we gardeners really shy people? But we’ve lots of treasured shots with our human family! Why, the double standard – aren’t these plants our babies too? ;) Well…there are many different kinds of love (agape, philia and eros) and many different ways of loving!

Anyway, today when our daughter-in-law and child (Darren, our younger son is still in Davos, Switzerland) visited us, en route to David and Kellie’s home to celebrate their twin daughters’s 1st birthday, we grabbed this opportunity for a couple of shots! Isn’t this a great timing to update our garden scenes here, besides a precious opportunity to include some family members! :D

Yanti, Dylea and Jacq at our frontyard garden, taken December 16, 2006 With our grand-daughter at our frontyard garden, taken December 16, 2006 John and his mum, taken November, 30, 2006

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