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All the beauty and divine art of flowers, plants and nature abounding everywhere always amazes and fascinates me so! Thus, listed here are several sites containing awesome plant photos that’ll delight your eyes and heart, and some sites even provide further plant information and assistance in plant ID.

  • Pictures of Flowers!…and more Flowers! Feast your eyes on more than five hundred thousand flower photos captured worldwide at Flickr! – FLOWERS GROUP. And the number of flower pics keep increasing by the seconds! You can join in the discussions available and probably even have your unidentified flower named in a jiffy! Interested to join this worldwide photo sharing community at Flickr? Sign in for free here!
  • Exceeding 15,000 images of tropical or sub-tropical plants – This awesome site provides a huge photo gallery of plants botanical names in alphabetical listing. You can just sit back to enjoy the lovely pics displayed or click on the name of a particular plant to find more complete information and plant profile, as well as see more pics of various species. Browsing through this image gallery had assisted me in naming and knowing most of my garden plants.
  • ADENIUM OBESUM (DESERT ROSE) images – An impressive gallery of exotic Thai Adenium obesum hybrids and other Adenium species by TopTropicals that will make your jaw drop! More pictures from Living Stones Nursery, Arizona that included care information too.
  • AGAPANTHUS photos – Presented by the Broadleigh Gardens, an impressive collection for online ordering. More pictures of Agapanthus praecox from that included excellent information too.
  • AGAVE photos – An amazing agave page by The Succulent Plant Page site, presenting lovely images of the various named species and some plant details. More amazing agaves at Mountain States Wholesale Nursery and Shady Oaks Nursery Wholesale Agave and Succulent Plants.
  • BAUHINIA photos – Presented by the Flowering Tree Society of Central Florida, USA…a wonderful image database of more than 50 species!
  • BEGONIAS pics galore at Kartuz Greenhouses – An impressive collection of begonias with images, names and brief information of so many cultivars inclusive of a large number of hybrids from Brad Thompson, the renowned begonia hybridizer. No other plant family provides such a rich and varied palate of leaf forms, textures and colors as of begonias. You’d be awe-struck! Here’s another begonia gallery and another, the latter displaying the various cultivars of angel-wing begonia. Enjoy!
  • BOUGAINVILLEA pictures! – A large collection of bougainvilleas at to enjoy! More images of named bougainvillea varieties/cultivars at Also, a must read comprehensive Bougainvillea info page by Gordon Braswell, a retired nursery owner who specializes in Bougainvilleas. He describes in great detail the bougainvillea’s culture, potting and soil maintenance, fertilizing and prunning tips, etc. and even the various species, hybrids and cultivars grown worldwide!
  • BROMELIAD photos by the thousands! – An amazing collection of bromeliad photos by genera, unbelievably large photo database to describe it mildly! It’ll even help to ID your bromeliad without label! Then, move on to the Bromeliad Encyclopedia of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies to explore all there’s to know!
  • CATHARANTHUS ROSEUS (Madagascar Periwinkle) images! – Enjoy NC State University’s collection of 33 periwinkle cultivars in magical colors.
  • COLEUS (Solenostemon scutellarioides) images – Do browse Rosy Dawn Gardens’ coleus photo collection of the many named varieties, complete with description and info. Enjoy further at Baker’s Acres Greenhouse and HMA Plants.
  • COSTUS photos – Enjoy the many available species of Spiral Ginger at Aloha Tropicals, the center of exotic tropical plants.
  • CROTON (CODIAEUM VARIEGATUM images – A must visit to The Croton Society – Palmpedia site to enjoy their breath-taking photos of named cultivars and other comprehensive croton information. Check The Croton Society, Tampa, Florida too.
  • DAHLIA pictures and plant info – A great collection of crisp dahlia images listed by size/type/colour. This photo gallery directory, appropriately known as Dahlia Buyer’s Guide is designed to provide complete classification information and “click” access to internet pictures and information about the specific dahlia variety. Wonderful site!
  • DIEFFENBACHIA images – Lovely pictures of Dieffenbachia species with their cultivar named and included images of their inflorescence too! Here’s another image gallery site and here for dieffenbachia description, culture, problems and propagation.
  • EUPHORBIA MILII (Crown of Thorns) photos – Fantastic photo collection of euphorbia milii (Thai hybrids) with hybrid names too, that could probably help identify your own plant! Here is another impressive euphorbia milii site at Tropica Nursery with more images to enjoy, as well as be enriched with all you need to know about this exotic plant.
  • FUCHSIA images – Fantastic picture gallery of Fuchsia species and hybrids by The Swedish Fuchsia. Do explore this educative and informative site… there’s so much to learn and enjoy!
    Enjoy more pictures of Fuchsias at Clifton Plants – The Fuchsia Specialists.
  • HELICONIAS photos – A fabulous picture gallery of heliconia species and cultivars by The Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico. Included at this educative site is a Heliconia Cultivar Name Register, organized by species/hybrid and by cultivar, with detailed description and image of each named variety!
    Enjoy more pictures of Heliconias and details at Aloha Tropicals.
  • HIBISCUS ROSA-SINENSIS (Tropical/Chinese Hibiscus) – Hibiscus World presents an awesome image gallery of Tropical Hibiscus cultivars and varieties with excellent information too. Enjoy! Another fantastic site to visit is Hidden Valley Hibiscus
  • HIPPEASTRUM (Amaryllis) photos – Visit International Bulb Society and Pacific Bulb Society and be enthralled with the many awesome species, hybrids and cultivars presented in their extensive collection. Enjoy!
  • HOSTA (Corfu/Plantain Lily) photos – Enjoy a marvelous collection at Shady Oaks Nursery and be astounded!
  • HYDRANGEAS images & all about hydrangeas – An excellent website of Judith King, a member of the American Hydrangea Society! It showcases a spectacular photo gallery of four popular species of Hydrangeas (macrophylla, arborescens, quercifolia and paniculata), and wonderfully packed with ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYDRANGEAS, especially culture, propagation and pruning! A must visit for all hydrangea enthusiasts to enjoy and be enriched!
  • HYMENOCALLIS SPECIES (Spider Lillies) – Enjoy the fabulous images and be enriched with much info at Pacific Bulb Society. More hymenocallis species photos at International Bulb Society for your viewing pleasure.
  • LANTANA CAMARA photos and plant info! – Visit Robrick Nursery in Florida and enjoy the many lovely pictures of the named varieties presented. Placing your cursor on alphabet L will present a fly-out list of all lantana therein. You may want to explore further by going through their complete plant alphabetical listing to delight further or probably buy new plants for your garden?
  • NERIUM OLEANDER images and plant info! – A multitude of fabulous oleander photos of various colours with cultivar names. Provided also, are helpful info on oleander culture especially tips on prunning and propagation, besides an interesting read tracing its ancient origin!
  • ORCHID species photographs, stunning lot! – In this site, Eric Hunt of San Francisco US showcases a grand and enormous collection of orchid species images arranged by genera and naming each orchid flower by species and cultivar, providing a very useful database. Here’s another orchid gallery to delight your eyes! Learn about structure and facts of orchid and view some diagrams of its anatomy! Or better still, be enlightened further with this comprehensive guide to orchid culture!
  • OXALIS images, and lots more! – From the Pacific Bulb Society, showcasing an awesome photo gallery of South African Oxalis, including some from South American and elsewhere. Glasshouse Works in Ohio also offers an impressive collection of Oxalis for sale with wonderful photos and plant details.
  • PLATYCERIUM (STAGHORN FERNS) images, and much more! – From The Platycerium Site from South Africa, by Louwrens Opperman & Roy Vail, covering 18 Platycerium species with much passion. Do explore the site to enjoy the lovely images for all the species and detailed information on some of the various species.. Another site of interest is mgonline if you want more.
  • ROSES pics, and lots more! – Remarkably huge collection of roses by Christine Meile! You’ll be stupefied at the amazingly crisp images displayed, categorized by alpha listing of names, shades, peculiarities and so on. Want to ID your yet to be named rose, maybe this site can do it!

Last updated: Oct 19, 2011

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