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Our small and beautiful garden is packed with so many lovely plants and flowers. Some new plants, some old and some have died but their sweetness linger on. As garden enthusiasts, we like to know the botanical or common name of our plants so as to source online for some extra information about them, and knowing a little more enable us to give our ‘babies’ the best care!

But all the many tedious hours of surfing and finding will come to nought if I do not store the information acquired somewhere reliable! Aaargh…this was what happened when I compiled all the info collected into an excel file in our pc and all just disappeared when our hard-disk crashed recently!

Thus, we’ll love to capture and compile all these in a sort of plant database and this blog has provided us the opportunity. It’s a long journey of discovering again, but we’ll persevere with God’s grace and hope to share information with the internet world!

Almost all the gardening/landscape plants and flowers, etc. contained in this plant database have been captured by us unless otherwise specified. They could have been captured either from our own garden or elsewhere in Malaysia.

Last edited: March 27 2011

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2 Responses to “Plants Database”

  1. Caroline Elbers Says:

    Thank you so much for the excellent information I received on your plant database. It will help me alot.

    Kind Regards

    (South Africa)

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    You’re most welcome, Caroline…the pleasure is ours! :)
    We’re very delighted though, to receive such positive feedback. Thanks a lot for your kindness in sharing your thoughts, which is much appreciated.
    And, happy gardening to you!

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