Sizzling Pink Loropetalum, our garden star in September!

Wow! A great garden dazzler indeed, with captivating sizzling pink fringe flowers!

Flowers and buds of 'Sizzling Pink' Loropetalum emerged a week after a hard pruning. Taken on September 25, 2007 Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum ‘Sizzling Pink’ or Pink Chinese Witch Hazel as it is commonly named, has never failed to reward us with abundant flowers whenever its sprawling branches are heavily trimmed to keep it neat and tidy.

We did exactly that, a severe haircut sometime middle of this September month and what a remarkable effect as seen in the left image. :)

An attention grabber that loves to be groomed with a haircut whenever it appears too wild and uncontrolled! And in return, it’ll reward you with plentiful buds, heralding the appearance of stunning pink pompon-shaped blooms. How delightful!

Our potted Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Burgundy' or 'Sizzling Pink', taken September 27, 2007This Loropetalum cultivar ‘Sizzling Pink’ has a sprawling habit that cannot be trained into an upright tree. Each time its slender arching branches are pruned, it’ll bloom profusely within a week to ten days, unscathed by the heavy trim! And then continue to grow again in the same haphazard sprawling manner. A very hardy plant that had received countless pruning over the last 3 years it had been residing in our garden in the same pot! And only 1.5 feet tall after all this time? Well, we’re not complaining – its height suits us just fine, as long as it continues to remain healthy and shower its blessings! ;)

Here’s sharing more images of its wonderful presence in our garden. Enjoy!

A small crowd including Pink Chinese Loropetalum at our garden, taken September 27, 2007 A section of our frontyard, captured September 29, 2007Don’t you agree that its color and beauty outshines the other plants, becoming the main star performer in September? Oh…I just love its marvelous shade of pink flowers and fabulous foliage! :D

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