Our Indoor Garden – a courtyard actually!

Collage of indoor garden pictures, taken Oct 2006 This courtyard adjoining our dining hall, though small with an area measuring 13 feet by 8 feet, is definitely big enough for us to indulge our gardening passion and do some workouts and breathing exercises to keep fit, all within the privacy of our home. We love this open space area that not only provides good ventilation and sunshine into our home, but let us have a peek at the sky and sparrows that occasionally perch on the grill fixed above for security precautions.

A wonderful place to meditate and do quiet reading with natural lighting (hehe…save electricity :D), relax amidst greenery and away from noise and car pollution, yet still able to enjoy the chirping and merry singing of birds on the huge trees across the road outside our home!

We’ve always named this lovely spot as our indoor garden where we maintain quite a variety of foliage plants in containers and a couple of flowering orchids to add colour! Recently, we’ve added a blazing red poinsettia to brighten this place. Wonderful result, hadn’t realized that one single pot of striking red leaves can do such a fantastic job! The best thing is this garden area requires the least maintenance, being mostly filled with green plants that just need watering (here too, aided by our frequent tropical showers and rain) and fertilizing. Also, hardly any weeds are found in the containers here and we don’t know why? Hehe…no answers needed here as ignorance is bliss! :D

Our potted plants are grouped into small families and they do seem happy being cozily grouped together. We know for sure that our babies are happy when they greet us with their lovely healthy shining faces! I suppose they’re like human families, longing to be loved and united together with tender, loving care. In fact, these babies are the first to greet us with their smiling faces in the morning as we descend the stairway from our bedroom upstairs. What a delightful and joyful sight to start the day with. Thank you, loving God for this wonderful blessing!

Quite a number of house owners in our neighbourhood have renovated and covered this void, converting into another room or extended the dining or sitting room. We’re very glad that we’ve retained it as originally designed, otherwise we would have been deprived of all the goodies it has to offer! :D

Sharing some earlier images of our courtyard, captured in September, 2004

Greens @ Indoor Garden Greens at our courtyard

Update: September 29, 2008 – see how our courtyard garden currently is here.

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