March 2007 Garden Delights!

Fantastic! So many flowers were happily cheering in March, in spite of having been a wet and often times thunderous rainy month! They were flowering plants such as the Bougainvilleas, Heliconias, Brunfelsia calycina, a couple of Dendrobium and Vanda orchids, Euphorbia milii and Chrysothemis pulchella to name a few, besides those flowering in February and continued adding in March! Absolutely delightful seeing them blooming over and over again, displaying a constant festival of colours dotting our garden! However, what was more remarkable in March were new treasures unfurling! :D

An absolutely new wonder in our garden! We’ve never imagine that our Dieffenbachias would ever bloom because we’ve been having them for years and not a single appearance at all to greet us thus far! But our garden surprises never cease to amaze us! This variety of Dumbcane, the Dieffenbachia bowmannii ‘Carriere’ that joined our garden family last July as a very young plant suddenly jolted me on the lovely morning of March 10 with one full bloom and three tiny buds! Wow! I was in rapture and ran like a young girlie to beckon my beloved hubby who was at the frontyard to come inside the courtyard and see! He too couldn’t believe his eyes and was as fascinated as I! Here’s sharing some images of dief’s blooms to enthrall you too!

Dieffenbachia does flower! The complete plant of Dieffenbachia bowmannii 'Carriere' (Dumb Cane, Spotted Dumbcane, Leopard Lily

Another wonderful March surprise was Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Bantel’s Sensation’ bloomed again, the first time was last July! And the most amazing happening is that the plant that bloomed was not the parent plant, but it’s the youngest amongst the suckers that developed from the root of the parent plant! How astonishing…so similar to human families where sometimes the younger siblings have children before the elder ones! ;)

These are recent images of the Sansevieria’s glorious blooms!

A flowering stalk of White Snakeplant/Sansevieria Close-up of White Snakeplant/Sansevieria's FlowersUnlike the first July blooms previously that lasted almost a month in good sunny days, these fabulous blooms withered within 2 weeks of flowering due to the persistent rainy weather.

Nevertheless, we were most contented to enjoy them while we can and felt so blessed indeed! :)

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2 Responses to “March 2007 Garden Delights!”

  1. Va; Says:

    I grow my Sasevieria trifasciata “Bentels Sensation” indoors in a clay pot under fluorescent lights. It has sent up new plants that withered and died. Also, it is developing brown “rust” at base which appears to going up the leaves. Roots appear fine. Did not see any insects. My heart is broken. It took me e years to find it. What do you think the problem is?

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Sorry, no idea as to the depressing condition of your plant. What I do know is that this hardy sansevieria loves the sun, tolerates drought but thrives better when well-watered but not soggy, and potting medium should be free-draining.

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