Look and See!

I was inspired by my garden forum friend, Norvona, who loves capturing the beautiful skies of Oklahoma, including the lovely woodlands that she adores watching from her dining room, and generously shares them in her blog (thank you, dear friend!). Her skyscape photos are so stunning and I’m so envious just thinking of them!

Looking and pondering over them made me realize that landscape and skyscape go hand in hand and as much as I love our gardens, I must not forget the beauty of the clouds above and God’s divine presence everywhere!

One early morning a week ago, as I laze in bed in a dreamy way, Norvona’s clouds breeze through my mind. But that morning, instead of getting up at the usual side (left side) of my bed, something made me roll my body very slightly on my right side to peep out from our bedroom window! Lo and behold, what should I see but a flock of swallows (I think!) flying swiftly from the right to the left and back, above the tall trees and beyond the greyish blue sky! I was held spellbound :) for a few minutes by the busyness of the birds, the trees and the sky and even in its simplicity, I saw the awesomeness of God, The Almighty and Creator whom I’ve taken for granted.

Would you believe that I’ve been getting up every morning from the same bed, closing the same window for the past 23 years of my stay in that same room and yet never encountered what I experienced that morning a week ago? In my hurriedness and robot-like activities to live and sustain in this fast moving world, I’ve many times failed to pause and ponder, look and see, hear and listen, touch and feel, and count my many blessings (thank You, Lord!).

And every morning since that lovely experience, I’ve tried to recapture a brief moment at least of that bliss! However, this bliss is so elusive because the swifts seem to prefer flying only during dawn or when the clouds are downcast, and I’m most times still asleep during those early hours! :( Hmm…I must persevere if I want to enjoy this delightful scene over and over again! ;)

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