Knowledge is power

Yep! So, I’m resolved to go back to school at this very ripe old age, not to learn the basics of algebra, but the basics of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and as much as I can grasp on related web matters! Otherwise, I’ll be left stranded with lots of ideas but no progress at all in implementing them. I’ve to start somewhere, and learn to be independent since the internet provides so many opportunities for free learning! ;)

Last night, I’ve managed to surf for this free online school and narrowed down to this site, which I think is one of the best resource online for free tutoring on HTML, Web Building and a ton of other related topics.

Yippee!! The excitement is starting to build up… :-D

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One Response to “Knowledge is power”

  1. Joseph White Says:

    although online schools are good, i think we also need human interaction which we can only get from offline schools ‘..

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