Jack’s Magical Garden (Sequoia Farm) in South Africa

Put on my globetrotting sneakers today and travelled to the wonderland of my flamboyant friend, Jack Holloway at Sequoia Farm, Haenertsburg in South Africa. Wow, was I entralled with his spectacular garden scenes in late spring and awesome pictures presented! Recalling too that I’ve visited this same magical ‘ancient’ garden a few months ago and would like to return once again (maybe repeatedly ;))and be guided by this very same friend, a great narrator!

Here too, you’ll get to experience the changing scenes of the four seasons of spring (early spring), summer, (sorry…nothing yet to link to! will have to wait for this season to roll in next year! *) autumn and winter! Isn’t that fascinating? ;) Thank you, dear Jack!

* (Updated Nov. 13, 2006: Ooops…got my summer season mixed-up with the Northern Hemisphere…not next year but now, S.A is having summer now!!)

Updated May 1, 2007: Autumn of April 2007 in Jack’s paradise is a must visit! You’ll be astounded and mesmerized with the amazing autumn colors never seen before elsewhere! :D

Latest update: February 27, 2016…
So sorry that all the links above are no longer available?? Could locate only A walk around my garden and Later spring on Sequoia Farm
Nevertheless I’ve managed to google and discover that Jack Holloway has his own blog whether he shares his gardening passion, etc. There’s so much to be mesmerized and captivated if you can find time to enjoy!

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