Liza’s Spectacular Garden in Brussels, Belgium

Definitely a must garden visit! This magnificent place belongs to this very passionate gardener, Ms Liza whom I’ve the greatest pleasure to chat with as she guides me and the rest of our gardening community into her well-maintained pristine garden. Breath-takingly beautiful and fully alive with bountiful blooms of every colour and form! Be prepared to spend hours, even days as she draws you in with her superbly captured images that will stun and captivate you!

Let this sweet-natured lady lead you here, there and everywhere and be astounded. Even the butterflies are bewitched! :D

I just have to recapture them here to revisit this magical paradise again and again! :) Thank you so much, my dearest friend!

Updated Dec. 16, 2006Autumn in Liza’s wonderland!
Updated June 6, 2007Spring 2007
Updated August 20, 2008 – Much more of Liza’s garden at too!

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