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I’ve been toying with the thought of creating a site for compiling all my favourite gardening links for quite sometime. A very much-loved person who wishes to be anonymous mooted this very practical and interesting idea months ago but I procrastinated as usual until all my favorites in Internet Explorer were lost when our personal computer’s hard-disk collapsed nearly two months ago.

Since then, having no record of my previously collected bookmarks, I’ve started all over again and began gradually sourcing the web for interesting gardening links and bookmark them at the Google Toolbar. I thought that this method was the best alternative to bookmarking!

In my opinion, it still is provided the bookmarks under any specific label aren’t many but it’s definitely not so with bookmarks labelled under gardening….the list goes on and on and before long the list is longer than the browser’s page and not as easily accessible then (you know what I mean? ;))! Moreover, having so many gardening bookmarks with just names and without brief notes regarding the sites’ contents will lead you into more confusion because our human mind is no computer and we can’t recall all that we’d like to, in my opinion!

Thus, less than a week ago and with lots of help in designing from the much-loved person, I’ve finally created and launched this Garden Reference and Resources website to compile all my favorite gardening links and organise them for easy access. It’s a mammoth project, but since time is not of the essence, I’m happily compiling my favorites and adding more interesting gardening links and resource as I come across them. This is something I love and enjoy :) doing!

‘Stay tuned’ for more to come!

UPDATED MAY 26, 2007 – The Garden Reference and Resources website has been closed and all its contents have been merged to this site under the category “Garden Reference and Resource Centre” for easier maintenance!

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