My first Adsense earnings!

My first Adsense earnings in Malaysian currencyYippee!! Yesterday was payday from Google Inc…THANK YOU!!! Just claimed my FIRST Adsense earnings of slightly more than USD100, which converts to Ringgit Malaysia 328.84. It was easy to claim – went to a branch of CIMB Bank nearby to receive payment via Western Union, the fastest way to receive money worldwide.

Haha! But not fast and easy to earn this amount, took me about 16 months of blogging to reach the first USD100! Nonetheless, I’m most delighted and overjoyed, though hope that my next USD100 is sooner! ;)

First of all, a big thank you to my beloved elder son, who had helped me tremendously in initiating this site, and continues to inspire and teach me countless techniques and ways to improve. Secondly, I’m thankful too to my supportive darling spouse who had umpteen times helped me (still does) with my household and garden chores whilst I’m glued to my seat in front of my personal computer, doing what I need to do to increase my adsense earnings. And, last but not least, to all of you wonderful visitors who have browsed through my articles, whereby some have taken the trouble to leave kind comments or supported this site through clicking the google ads, I’m most thankful, grateful and appreciative. Without your support, everything definitely will come to naught in dollars, though I do enjoy ‘dressing up’ my website with what you have seen.

Beaming with joy and happiness, my beloved spouse, elder son and I headed straight for lunch to a very popular eatery at Old Kuchai Road, to treat ourselves with fish-head and prawn noodles. Simple food and nothing extraordinary as it is in the month of Lent where fasting, alms-giving and prayers are encouraged. Nevertheless, in less than 3 weeks time, on Easter Sunday, March 23, I will be looking forward to gather all the members of my family for a luncheon treat and the balance of the Adsense earnings will come in handy to subsidize the bill! ;)

Thank you ALL for dropping by. All in all, I aspire to increase beneficial contents to this site and hope that all visitors who come by will always enjoy what I have to offer and leave happy and contented! :)

Update: August 3, 2008
Wow! The momentum is truly picking up! Just a few days ago, claimed my SECOND adsense payment of a little above USD100 (RM359/=) that was accumulated in 5 months. Compared with 16 months previously, this is absolutely fantastic! A big thank you to Google Inc, the paymaster and all of YOU who made this achievement possible, not discounting the valuable support of FAMILY and GOD’s guidance. :)

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