Crack-Pot! Manila Palm burst its seam!

“Darling, there’s a crack pot outside!”, remarked my early bird hubby as I was descending downstairs one early morning about ten days ago. I was still groggy and the first thing that flashed in my mind was a crack-pot (a nut case), someone of unsound mind, doing his/her thing outside our gate! “Crackpot?”, I enquired. “Come and see”, he called out.

But it wasn’t as I visualized. More surprising was the sight of our large garden pot, housing the Manila/Christmas Palm (Veitchia / Adonidia Merrillii), that cracked into nearly three equal parts! Cracked pot not crackpot!! Hehe, this is our first experience where the plant throws a tantrum and cracks its pot! Usually, it’s the other way round where we crack the pot of a rootbound plant to repot! :D

Currently, this palm remains where it’s planted until we can find an alternative replacement pot! Maybe a hardy plastic one like those seen around the shopping malls? Images of cracked pot as keepsakes! ;)

Manila Palm cracked its pot! Another image of Manila/Christmas Palm that cracked its pot!

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