Christmas 2009 and New Year greetings

Wow! A New Year in 10 days time! Time really flies!
And Just 3 more days to welcome Christmas,
in celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ,
Our Lord, Savior and Redeemer!

Happy holidays to one and all!
And a greeting card specially created to wish you and your loved ones
A joyful Christmas and a blessed New Year 2010 too.

Greeting card for Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors and friends to our garden website, for your continuing support and encouragement through the years. We really appreciate your visits and kind comments very much.

Sharing below is a popular hymn that is sung at Masses during the season of Advent :
(a youtube presentation here)

O Come, Divine Messiah

  1. O come, Divine Messiah
    The world in silence waits the day.
    When hope shall sing its triumph
    And sadness flees away.

    Sweet Savior haste, come, come to earth
    Dispel the night and show thy face
    And bid us hail the dawn of grace.
    O come, Divine Messiah
    The world in silence waits the day,
    When hope shall sing of triumph
    And sadness flees away.
  2. Thou’lt come in peace and meekness
    And lowly will Thy cradle be.
    All veiled in human weakness
    Thy majesty we’ll see.
    Repeat Refrain
  3. O Thou whom nations sighed for
    Whom seer and prophet long foretold.
    Wilt break the captive’s fetters
    Redeem the long-lost fold.
    Repeat Refrain

Because of JESUS
we have HOPE for tomorrow
CONFIDENCE in the future
LIGHT in our darkness
VICTORY in each trial
REST when we’re weary and
LOVE for a lifetime.

As Yahweh says, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

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7 Responses to “Christmas 2009 and New Year greetings”

  1. Autumn Belle Says:

    To John and Jacqueline,

    I am glad to have known you.

    Have a blessed Christmas and Very Happy New Year!

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Thanks so much, Autumn Belle, for your lovely words and wishes. You’re wished the same and our feelings are mutual…great to have ‘met’ you too! Your passion for blogging is such an inspiration to me, especially! :)

  3. Andrea Says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    I’ve just emerged from my 10day hibernation. Happy New Year and may you be fully blessed from now onwards! Jacqui, i saw your comment that i have not left my name in my comments, am sorry about that, i thought it is automatic. The form asked my name, so i thought it appears there. Actually i already put yours in the blogs i followed since i started visiting your blog. I actually am not very good in these computer languages and sometimes i am not good also in following computer language instructions, hehe. I’ve read about your tutorials and i doubt i can follow them. hahaha!

    I sometimes visit your blog a few times finding no new posts, imagine i still don’t keep track of the new postings!!! I hope i will still learn.

  4. Blossom Says:

    Oh what a nice wish. The picture is so colorful n vibrant. I so like it a lot.

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    Andrea – thanks for your lovely wishes and the same blessings to you too!
    I think you’re a little confused about what I’ve meant to relate, dear girl. You did sign in with your name, but left the URL request blank. That way, your name remains static, without a link to your blogspot.
    You see, this website uses WordPress, which differs slightly from Blogger. When commenting here, you’re required to fill in your blog’s URL which is, in the space provided. Thus, when your comment is published, your name will then automatically become a clickable link, directing to your Blogger blogspot, to enable me to visit you easily. Hope my explanation is clear and helpful enough. :)

    Blossom – thank you so for your lovely words. I’m happy you like the picture. Hehe…frankly, I’m also delighted with the final result after experimenting with so many options in the gradient colors of the card, to bring out the vivid colors of the captured photo. Aargh, sometimes I wish I’m a little less meticulous, then I won’t be wasting too much time on a single project! ;)

  6. phiona Says:


  7. Jacqueline Says:

    Thanks, Phiona!
    Happy New Year 2011 to you!

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