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Display WordPress Tags in a Dropdown Menu

It’s beneficial to display tags in any blog/website to maximize the availability of content options to your readers. Tags help to group one’s blog posts by keyword and link readers to such related content. Usually seen at the sidebar, it may be displayed as a tag cloud, tag list or tag dropdown. How happy I […]

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator, another awesome plugin!

Having installed the WP-Archives plugin (learn how-to here) a couple of days ago and pretty astounded with what it did for our Archives page, I went scouting for a similar plugin that could generate a sitemap for our website. From the many available, I found the plugin, Dagon Design Sitemap Generator, most remarkable and had […]

WordPress WP-Archives plugin is so awesome!

Yippee! I just had this cool WP-Archives plugin installed! Check our archives page here and you’ll understand why I’m bursting with joy. This is something I had yearned longingly for so long but clueless about how to get it done. Hehe…now I can give myself a pat on the back for installing one myself, after […]

Create a WordPress dropdown monthly archives

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been able to get a dropdown monthly archive at the sidebar finally! This display is so very short, just perfect to replace the default one that was getting way too long, which will continue growing in length as long as new posts are being added. Learn how to change that […]

Life-long learning with WordPress Codex

Just sharing what I’ve recently discovered when I set my mind to learn what I’ve missed out on WordPress. John&Jacq~s Garden website had been initially set up by our elder son, David, using WordPress as our blogging tool and publishing platform. Thus, I’m not as familiar with the technical aspect of it (especially the template, […]