Tutorials for Photoshop Archives

Photoshop tutorial – Create Easy 3-D Box Picture Frames

There are so many ways to enhance our images. One of my favorite ways is to add a border or frame and it can be done in such creative ways. Absolutely exciting, challenging and rewarding as I experiment with the many ways available in Photoshop CS2. These last few days, while playing around with just […]

Photoshop tutorial – Extracting objects to create a fun photo collage

Such fun creating collages! A simple art form in which multiple photos are combined into a piece of art. It is now my latest passion as I aspire to experiment and learn more tricks and techniques from Photoshop CS2 and the internet. Having recently experimented how to extract objects, resize, reposition and rotate images, I’d […]

Photoshop tutorial – Create an easy one-photo collage

Here’s another interesting way to create a single picture collage using the same image as the background. I’ve seen lots of this kind of collage on Flickr photosharing and often wondered how it was done. As I pondered, it strucked me recently that basically it’s just a cropped image laid on its bigger image to […]

Photoshop tutorial – Simple collage of 9 flower pictures

I just love creating collages! It challenges me to be more creative and keeps me mentally alert which is good for my aging brain! :D Recently, I had wanted to show off the many bright cheery faces of this lovely flower, Torenia Fournieri that shines endlessly in our garden. What better way was there than […]

Tutorial on making an easy photo collage or montage

Creating a collage of pictures is definitely an exciting and challenging task! At times mind boggling too, some mathematics needed. I simply love doing it. My first collage was created in October, 2006 and had been a steep learning curve through trial and error! Hmm…it does get easier and prettier with more practices indeed! :D […]