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Photoshop tutorial – Create a simple greeting card

Chinese New Year for 2008 is fast approaching. In our country, Malaysia, this auspicious day will fall on February 7 according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It will be celebrated by the Chinese communities here and all over the world, especially Chinese populated regions such as China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, […]

Photoshop tutorial – Collage showcasing pictures of a pretty creepy-crawly!

What an attractive bug! It was crawling leisurely around our courtyard and begging to be photographed! I succeeded in taking quite a number of its image, but an insect with nothing much around isn’t so exciting to view! What do you think I did? A photo collage, of course as seen here! ;)

Photoshop tutorial thumbnails

I simply love the wonderful resulting effects of applying Photoshop on photos! The little photo effects that I know is enough to amaze and blow me over, as well as prod me to continue seeking and learning online! Thus, I have documented some tutorials of photo effects that I’ve learnt less I forget, as well […]

Photoshop tutorial – Collage of illusive garden photos and an inset

Hehe…if you’d browse through this blog and my Flickr photostream, you’d come to know that I’m really a Photoshop maniac! :D Having learnt recently how to create an illusion of a picture within a picture and presented a Photoshop tutorial on it, I’ve found this craft handy when I needed to illustrate garden flower images […]

Photoshop Tutorial – Create an illusion of a picture within a picture

Sometimes, I’d like to bring more focus to the main subject or object in my photo…don’t you? One of the ways to do this is to create an illusion, of course! Basically, it is creating the appearance of a smaller cropped version of the photo within its larger self, using the vector shape, creating a […]