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An urban tropical garden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our Garden Updates From October To December 2017

We praise and thank God Almighty For blessing us with our daily dose of joy, To enjoy our garden plants and flowers and whatever marvels seen everyday, For strength and passion in gardening during our golden years! Sharing below our beautiful tropical garden and some gorgeous flowering and foliage plants in the courtyard as well […]

Our Garden Updates from July to September 2017

What Marvels The Lord Has Blessed Us With Indeed, We Rejoice And Are Glad! So many fabulous surprises in our tropical garden paradise That delight us so very much! We never knew that Variegated Giant Elephant Ear will ever bloom! What an awesome treat! Yay! Calathea elliptica ‘Vittata’ finally decided to flower to reward us for […]

Our Garden Updates from April to June 2017

My darling John and I would love to share our beautiful tropical paradise That delights us very much! Please do enjoy viewing them online. We praise and thank the Good Lord for His numerous blessings!! This small tropical garden, though tiny always never fails to reward us for our tender-loving-care. Our courtyard or indoor garden where mostly […]

Propagation of Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’

Caladium ‘Lucky Purple’ is a captivating cultivar that was hybridised and grown from tissue cultures in Thailand. Its large and rounded heart-shaped leaves are truly spectacular with pinkish purple colouration and beautiful bright pink venation. Recently our potted Aglaonema cv. Valentine at the courtyard was discarded as the plants were frequently attacked by the mealy bugs. Thus, we […]

Garden updates from January to March, 2017

My beloved spouse, John and I would love to share our beautiful tropical garden That delights us so very much! Really hope that you will enjoy viewing them online. And thanking our Heavenly Father for His countless blessings!! Our small tropical paradise that never cease to put a smile on our faces! The frontyard where most of […]