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Our site has surpassed the 1 Million Pageviews mark has finally surpassed the 1 MILLION PAGEVIEWS mark on October 9 2011 Whoopee! We’re extremely happy and overwhelmed, yet humbled. No big deal for the big guns but for my beloved John and I, it’s a major milestone that took us about 5 years to achieve, having started this blog since 28 September 2006. […]

A-Z Tropical Plants Database

Our website is continually updated with articles on tropical plants and hopefully will be voluminous over time as we persevere to add more for your enjoyment and enrichment, and ours too. We have compiled them into a plant encyclopedia or database, so that targeting each named plant therein will link to its related plant details, […]

Garden Reference and Resource Centre

SPRING CLEANING IS AROUND ONCE AGAIN! CHANGES AND IDEAS ABOUND! We’ve decided to close our Garden Reference and Resources Website and merge its contents here for better management!

Virtual Garden Visits

I love fantasizing that I’ve visited all these lovely gardens around the world. ;) In this modern era, it’s wonderfully possible to make all these dreams come true by globetrotting to one’s heart’s content via the internet.

Garden Reference & Resources Website

I’ve been toying with the thought of creating a site for compiling all my favourite gardening links for quite sometime. A very much-loved person who wishes to be anonymous mooted this very practical and interesting idea months ago but I procrastinated as usual until all my favorites in Internet Explorer were lost when our personal […]