August 2007 in our tropical garden!

Another colorful month, which I’d like to dedicate to all our flowering orchids – the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis! Just four delightful species shone throughout this month but sufficient to brighten our whole frontyard…hehe, but of course, since the area is pretty small, heh! ;)

Well, here’s sharing images of their exotic and vibrant beauty! Enjoy, please! :)

Dendrobium 'White Pagoda', a bountiful stalk of 12 flowers! Dendrobium Chaisri Gold 'Hawaii', wonderfully sun-kissed!

Triple delights of Dendrobium 'Burana Stripe' Dendrobium 'Sonia', flirting with the sunlight!

Amongst these species shown which include the gorgeous pink ‘Burana Stripe’ and ‘Sonia’, only the ‘White Pagoda’ and Chaisri Gold ‘Hawaii’ are faintly fragrant! Anyway, this isn’t the attraction of the Dendrobiums, but their hardiness and longevity, as well as the profusion of flowers, colors, designs and formation! Absolutely a must for gardeners of the tropics! We just love these orchids…hmm…even the insects and pollinators are attracted as seen in the pictures below! :D

Tiny spider on Dendrobium Chaisri Gold 'Hawaii' Hoover fly, posing on Dendrobium 'Sonia' Cute spider on Dendrobium 'White Pagoda'

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