An overview of our garden

It’s sort of scattered in the front, back and within our home premise, just a land area of 22 feet wide by 85 feet long! Ooooh…we just love our garden as it is, divided into three areas actually with the front yard, courtyard and backyard. Hehe, all within just a few walking steps from one another and its beauty can be enjoyed even during rain or thunderstorm as can be viewed from within our home through the glass sliding doors and windows! How lovely and blessed we are with our little garden paradise! :) :D

The front yard, measuring 22 feet wide by 20 feet long includes a very short driveway and car porch on the left, with the major part of the garden on the right when viewed facing the entrance of our home! This is our main garden where most of our flowering plants with a mix of foliage plants and palms are. Mainly container gardening with the exception of two flower beds, though the inner bed shares its space with some potted plants.

This front yard garden is definitely the PLACE that evokes much joy, happiness, delight, etc. as our babies grow healthily and cheer us with their beautiful foliage and colourful blooms in various forms and shades. The place where we garden and sweat happily, plan and implement our ideas or just get carried away dreamily into our peoples’ gardens. The place to unwind and destress, to relax and enjoy the beauty around, to meditate and be aware of God’s awesome presence as well as count our many blessings! Also, the place where our creativity flows. ;)

Though this whole frontyard garden area is very prone to noise and car pollution as it faces a busy road which serves not only our neighbourhood but the surrounding residential areas nearby, we soldier on! Humph…sometimes while gardening, we’re sent scurrying into our home when the exhaust fumes from the passing vehicles is too intense and become intolerable, usually in the late evenings when traffic is heavier! To counter this pollution, we’ve planted quite a few palms, Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily, Spider Plants and Ferns, such as Common Maidenhair Fern, which are known to help in purifying and cleansing the air!

Here are some garden pictures captured last month at our front yard. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! :)

Our frontyard garden Our frontyard garden

Our frontyard garden Our frontyard garden

Our frontyard garden Our frontyard garden

Our Frontyard Garden Our frontyard garden

Check here for more of our garden photos!

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