Aglaonema cv. Legacy: a gorgeous Thai Hybrid

Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema, Thai Chinese Evergreen)

We realised recently that this fabulous Thai Aglaonema had been omitted in our plant database… need to include asap. Googling, I noticed that many cultivar names have been assigned to this beautiful plant, including Aglaonema ‘Miss Thailand’ and Legacy’?

Our beautiful variegated foliage of Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen), June 22 2011Well, for now we’ve decided to name this very eye-catchy plant, Aglaonema cv. Legacy.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

We got this beauty for a steal in June 2011… costs only RM20 for four plants in the 6-inch pot! Had they been separately potted, each would had been sold at RM10 per plant or more.

We’re definitely suckers for colourful and variegated foliage plants.

Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation :

  • Botanical Name: Aglaonema cv. Legacy or 'Miss Thailand' (Thai Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen), Nov 7 2011Aglaonema cv. Legacy.
  • Common Name: Thai Aglaonema, Aglaonema Thai Hybrid, Thai Chinese Evergreen.
  • Family name: Araceae.
  • Etymology: Aglaonema comes from the Greek words ‘aglos’ and ‘nema’ meaning bright and thread respectively. The common name, Chinese Evergreen, emerged as the Chinese were the first to cultivate the dark green, slow-growing Aglaonema modestum for centures before it traveled to Europe and America.
  • Origin: The green-variegated Aglaonema of yesteryears, popularly cultivated worldwide are native to the tropical swamps and rainforests of Southeast Asia, from Bangladesh east to the Philippines and north to Southern China. On the other hand, many new colourful Aglaonema hybrids, hybridized actively in Thailand and Indonesia have emerged over the last few decades.
  • Plant type: A herbaceous and ornamental perennial plant.
  • Features: Our potted Aglaonema cv. Legacy with attractive pink+green variegated foliage and pinkish white stems, Oct 15 2011Aglaonema is a genus of about 50 or more species, mostly found in the wild. These long-lasting plants are mainly grown for their beautiful and attractive foliage.
    On the other hand, Aglaonema cv. Legacy is a Thai hybrid with fantastic foliage colours. It features colourful oval-shaped leaves, in fabulous green hues and attractively marked with reddish to pink venation. Each leaf appears to be differently patterned and randomly blotched. Simply glorious as each leaf is uniquely speckled and no two leaves have the same variegation.
    It has distinct and uniquely coloured petioles or stems in pinkish white. This Aglaonema hybrid has a moderate-growing rate, compact and grows erect, reaching about 30 cm tall or more.
    Flowering Aglaonema cv. Legacy or 'Miss Thailand' (Thai Aglaonema), Dec 26 2011When matured over time, the plant will produce an inflorescence with a white rod-like pimply-surfaced spadix with tiny flowers and enclosed in a light green hood-shaped leathery spathe or leaf-like bract. If the flowers are pollinated, they will be followed by numerous seeds that can be used to propagate new plants.
  • Culture (Care): Aglaonema ‘Legacy’ is easy-growing and needs minimum care. Given its native habitat in the tropical swamps and rainforests, just remember its basic requirements are sufficient light, warmth, high humidity and moisture..
    Light: Aglaonema cv. Legacy or 'Miss Thailand (Thai Aglaonema) with attractive pink+green variegated foliage and pinkish white stems, Oct 15 2011Bright light or filtered sunlight but never under direct sun. Unlike the old-fashioned green-variegated varieties that can tolerate low light or shade, the Thai/Indonesian Aglaonema hybrids require bright light or indirect sunlight and warm day temperatures, not hot and dry though, for optimum growth and vibrant leaf variegation.
    Moisture: Require adequate water regularly but allow soil to dry slightly between watering. It loves a warm and humid environment.
    Soil: Any enriched and moderately well-draining potting mix will do fine.
    Others: Cut off burnt and old leaves to encourage new fresh leaves to emerge and keep it aesthetically pleasing.
    Aglaonema cv. Legacy or 'Miss Thailand' - lovely cone-shaped emerging leaf, Nov 8 2012Wear a pair of rubber gloves when cutting the leaves/plants if you have skin allergies when in contact with the sap. Be aware that Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen is known to have poisonous sap that may cause skin irritation and if taken orally causes irritation in the mouth, lips, throat and tongue too. Feed once monthly with a liquid fertilizer for foliage plants. Generally free from serious garden pests. Spider mites can be a problem, especially on the underside of leaves, as well as between petioles and dusty conditions, retarding leaf growth and shape. Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema hybrid, Thai Chinese Evergreen), focus on the lovely white to pinkish leaf stems. June 30, 2011Be vigilant and treat it early, and keep the leaves dust-free by wiping or spraying water on them regularly.
    For subtropical and temperate regions: Hardiness: USDA Zone 12 onwards.
    Aglaonemas are sensitive to cold temperatures and do not like cold drafts. Hence, to prevent damage, they should not be exposed to temperatures below 15°C. Water sparingly in winter but do not allow plant to dry completely. For optimum growth, maintain soil and air temperatures between 21-29°C, the warmer the better. Since it’s not frost tolerant, advisable to grow indoors as a houseplant or in a green house with sufficient bright light and accepted temperature.
    Aglaonema cv. Legacy or 'Miss Thailand' (Thai Aglaonema)- propagating by division, Oct 15 2011Alternatively, you can grow it in a large pot, outdoors during the hot seasons and overwinter indoors during winter with reduced watering and fertilise it monthly.
  • Usage: Aglaonema cv. Legacy or ‘Miss Thailand’ is popularly grown for its gorgeous ornamental foliage. It is ideal for container-planting and located amongst other foliage plants. Indeed, its A group of foliage plants at our garden porch, including Aglaonema cv. Legacy, Nov 30, 2011attractive variegated foliage stands out beautifully when in a crowd of green foliage plants.
    Can be planted is raised planters too with a mixture of other Aglaonema plants for added interest.
    Some gardeners grow these as popular houseplants for indoor decor. You can also grow them to purify or cleanse the air indoors as Aglaonema has been listed as an air-cleansing plant

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