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Please read on or get to know what this site is all about first.

Some interested folks have previously written in to enquire about advertising at our website, so we thought it’s about time to explore this other way to generate funds to support the work and maintenance of this website.

Sponsor button ads (size 125×125 px) will be placed at the top of the right sidebar for optimum exposure if you’re interested in placing a relevant ad there to promote your business or blog and get noticed by our home&garden audience. Placement will be based on a first come, first served basis. Kindly ensure that your ad button is clear and accurately reflect the business/blog that you’re promoting. We only accept ads that are linked to websites that are family friendly. We reserve the right to reject inappropriate and offensive websites.

For the month of October 2011, stats, according to Google Analytics were:

  • 45,116 page views
  • 32,498 visits from 174 countries/territories
  • 29,406 absolute unique visitors
  • About 45% of the traffic was from the United States, the balance from Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Singapore and the rest of the world

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We look forward to sharing your business or blog with our visitors/readers.

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